Our contributors are a diverse group.  In these pages, you will find represented youth ministers, academic theologians, non-profit professionals, clergy, lawyers, teachers, relief workers, missionaries, musicians and more, all with their unique viewpoints.  As a result, the opinions expressed by the authors and comment contributors are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Center for FaithJustice.

John M. Bradley
A Time to Act, A Time to Reflect (July 2012)
Attentiveness and Action in A Christmas Carol (December 2011)
Learning Through Serving (August 2011)
The Humility Of Gods And Men (May 2011)
Energy Costs (March 2011)
All Things (February 2011)

Sr. Nancy Bramlage, SC
Progress on Millennium Development Goal #3: Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women (January 2012)

Charles Camosy
Liberal? Conservative? For Christians, Labels Don’t Apply (August 2011)

Sr. Patricia Connolly, DC
Millennium Development Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger (November 2011)

Mary Carlson
Aspirations for Authentic Living (May 2011)
Everyday Glorious Blooms: Appreciating the Ordinary (March 2011)

Chris Davidson
Food and Water (April 2012)
Saints for Today (November 2011)
Rebuild, Restore, Repair (February 2011)

Sam Deitch
All Are Related: Reflecting Upon Life (July 2011)

Fr. Kurt Denk, SJ
Incarceration, Human Dignity, and Catholic Social Teaching (June 2011)

Martha Dudich
Growth in my garden (May 2012)
Not As Planned (January 2012)
Joy Cometh in the Morning (September 2011)
I Have Enough
(August 2011)
Stepping Out In Faith
(July 2011)
Pray Until Something Happens (June 2011)
Poems & Prayers (April 2011)
The Graces of Winter (February 2011)

Julie Fertsch
Love Large This Lent (February 2012)

Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo
Celebrating Mother’s Day with Pedicures AND Peace (May 2012)
On the Path of Peace (November 2011)

Jenny Heil
Where Strangers Become Friends: Reflections on Sharing Meals (June 2011)

Alexis Hyder
Partnering for Development (June 2012)

Camille E. Introcaso
Can the Spread of HIV and Malaria Be Halted? (April 2012)
Millennium Development Goals (October 2011)

Mike Laskey
God is Faithful and We Are Persistent (July 2012)
Cups and Chalices (On Growing Up) (May 2012)
Lent’s Over! Best Stuff You Don’t Need to Give Up (April 2012)
Texas to New Jersey: Special Holy Thursday Post (April 2012)
Valentine’s Day: Holy or Horrible? (February 2012)
The Spirituality of Ordinary Times (January 2012)
Linus and Luke (December 2011)
A Prayer for Pilgrims (November 2011)
Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers Could Save the World (October 2011)
C’mon Ride the Train: A Glimpse of Heaven (September 2011)
Easter Promises (May 2011)
Sacramentality and Springsteen (March 2011)
Millennial Catholic (Mike’s Blog)

Ken Likely
Lessons from Raising Triplets (June 2012)

Diana Loiacano
School’s Out For Summer! (July 2011)

Nicole F. Masenior
Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5: Improve Maternal Health

John Miller
The Dignity of Work (June 2011)
Slow Cooking, Slow Contemplation (March 2011)

Widian Nicola
The Finish Line (April 2011)
Around the Table (March 2011)

Maureen O’Connell
Catholic Social Teaching on Racism:
From Examination of Conscience to Examination of Culture (March 2012)

Michael O’Connor
Dare to Compare (August 2012)
The Temptation of the Idle Summer (July 2012)
On Leaving (June 2012)
Lessons from Language Arts (January 2012)
The Power of Trust in School Communities (September 2011)

Caitlin O’Donnell
Fully Present in Africa (June 2012)

Bro. Steven O’Neil, SM
Educating All: Progress of Millennium Development Goal 2 (Universal Primary Education) (December 2011)

Brian Reavey
Wellspring of Justice (January 2012)
Each One Reach One (October 2011)

Martin Rendon
Can We Reduce Child Mortality? Achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 (February 2012)

Fr. Aidan Rooney, CM
Deep Gladness (May 2012)
Encounters of Faith: Mission in a Pluri-religious World (September 2011)
Transforming Within and Among: the Missionary Process (May 2011)
VOCES Vicentinas (Fr. Rooney’s Blog)

Sean Patrick Sanford
(Un)surprisingly, Religion Persists (December 2011)
Service, Faith, Justice: More Questions Than Answers (August 2011)
Standing in Faithful Tension (May 2011)
On Being OK (April 2011)
Some Thoughts on Rights (February 2011)

Andy Schaefer
Drought and Famine in East Africa: An On-the-Ground Report (August 2011)

Susan Stabile
Our Need to be Prophets (and Not Just Protestors) (February 2012)
Creo en Dios! (Susan’s Blog)

Alexandra Varga
Ensuring Environmental Sustainability (May 2012)

Bethany Welch
Recreating the City (April 2012)
The Chances Change (November 2011)
Radical Hospitality (July 2011)

Fran Wilcox
Perspectives from Parenting (July 2012)


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