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Telling Stories

Sean Sanford[1] In the The Storytelling Animal, author Jonathan Gottschall attempts the “first unified theory of storytelling.” His premise is that telling stories is what makes us human. Ancient Irish culture held tribal storytellers, the seanchaidhethe, in the highest regard, … Continue reading

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Martha Dudich In the opening of her book, TRAVELING MERCIES, Anne Lamott uses a metaphor that truly speaks to my experience.  “My coming to faith did not start with a leap,” she writes, “but rather a series of staggers from … Continue reading

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Dare to Compare

Michael O’Connor [1] As humans, we have an innate ability and inalienable right to compare.  We do it all the time, whether we like to admit it or not.  Phillies or Yankees.  Toilet paper over or under.  Spiderman or Batman.  … Continue reading

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The Temptation of the Idle Summer

Michael O’Connor[1] There is a saying that goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workplace.” I have a tendency, for better or worse, to question almost every idiom that I encounter.  I know that’s not necessarily the point of them, … Continue reading

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